$ 89.000
$ 2.314/sq ft
Details Updated on May 6, 2018
Published3 months ago
Updated20 hours ago
Number of rooms:3
Number of bedrooms:1
Number of bathrooms:1


Dog park
Dog washing station
Large dogs allowed
Multiple pets allowed
Covered parking
Assigned parking spaces
Bike storage lockers
Shared car services
Electric car charging stations
Pedestrian-friendly - Walk Score
Bus stop/Public transportation access
Shared laundry room
Washers and dryers in the units
Laundry service
Dishwasher in unit
High-end kitchen appliances
High-end countertops and finishes
Energy-efficient appliances
Patio or balcony
Wood flooring
Storage in unit
Charging outlets with USB ports
Smart Controls for Heating/Cooling
High-Speed Internet
Cable or Satellite TV
Online Options for leasing
paying rent
and making maintenance requests
Fitness center
Yoga/dance studio
Community Center
Media room
Party room
Community events and classes
Outdoor areas
Jogging/walking/bike path or access to one nearby
Close to schools
Babysitting/Afterschool services
Security cameras
Security guard
Gated access
Valet trash
Recycling center
Doorstep recycling collection


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New floor 3
Square: 1200 ms

New flore description

New floor 2
Square: 1200 ms

New flore description

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Ecological certificate 108 KB
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